Vision & Mission

fabilia® is the first and only CERTIFIED Italian Chain for families with children!

For fabilia® ... the family always comes first! We have studied and devised a new format dedicated to families with children on holiday. We are the first and only ones to be CERTIFIED in the exclusive HOLIDAYS for families with children in Italy. In Italian destinations at sea and in mountain of fabilia, all the structures are chosen and set up with the same standard. The services are INCLUDED in the price of the holiday.
The family-friendly All Inclusive Experience format was conceived and registered by fabilia® The hotels in fabilia are managed directly by the group, the market is only a target family, channeled directly by our online and social channels, without the use of intermediaries.
Since 2013, 8 facilities have been inaugurated with a total of 900 keys in 5 Italian regions at sea and in the mountains. Our success derives from the solidity of our corporate choices and the strength of the Team made up of 300 employees.

The Story

Family Hotels Italia from today becomes fabilia® Hotels & Resorts. Italian trademark registered and certified in the Exclusive Holidays for Families with Children

From 2013 to today, our previous know how in hospitality and the passion that distinguishes us, has allowed us to understand that the needs of the family on holiday were changing. For this reason, we have designed and created a new format dedicated to the family on holiday, it is called All Inclusive Experience®
All the fabilia structures in Italy have been designed to accommodate the needs of parents and their children. The All Inclusive Experience® format has been created and applied on holidays, with the price of the room, guarantees all the services included, studied and designed for the leisure time of the family on holiday.


All happy on holiday with fabilia®


Rich program of sports activities, games, tournaments, workshops at the hotel and at the beach!


Area for children aged 6 months to 3 years with specialized "Tata" assistance at specific times


A self-service soft drink is available throughout the Resort and at the Bar of the private beach. Use my Thermos gift!


All the menus are created by Chef Simone Rugiati, enjoy them freely 24 hours a day and with the new Snack Box you can store your snacks!

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